Alpinamente X 逆之女 Rebel Queen 

太陽眼鏡 Sunglasses

White Daisy
(光致變色鏡片: 透光率達16%至42% Photochromic Lenses: with light transmittance ranging from 16% to 42%, depending on light conditions)

HK$899 (原價 Original: HK$1590)


Limited Edition 50 pairs

Black Rose

(玫瑰金鏡片 Rose Gold Lens)

HK$899 (原價 Original: HK$1488)


Limited Edition 50 pairs


  • Full protection - protection against UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm

  • Simply light - TR90  frame and polycarbonate lenses weigh just 32 grams

  • Made to sweat - a transparent water and oil repellent coating, anti-static, anti-smudge, chemical resistant and hardened surface for scratch resistance

  • Enhanced vision - colours tested to enhance contrast on green, brown and grey backgrounds, for maximum outdoor performance

  • Anti-reflection - coating reduces reflected light and eliminates blur

  • Fully adjustable - silicon arm tips and choice of regular or Asian fitting titanium core nose bridge make the sunglasses fully adjustable for every face with increased grip

集合 靚、型、潮既Alpinamente運動太陽鏡特殊功能 :

  1. Alpinamente產品嘅鏡片全部德國Carl Zeiss Vision公司製造;

  2. 加有防水防油特別處理兼100%UV ABC同藍光保護,最適合亞洲又濕又熱兼多雨地區使用;

  3. 高強度聚碳酸脂鏡片具有防刮防反光功能;

  4. 鏡片對天然綠,啡及灰色對比一流;

  5. TR90框更可調教以配合不同面型及鼻樑高度,絕對可謂為東方人面形而設。